Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4 Benefits of Massage in the Workplace

As one of my many endeavors, I offer businesses an in-house program where I bring massage into the office for organizations around Des Moines. I’ve seen first hand how offering massage to employees can improve overall office morale and performance.

If you’re considering bringing massage to your workplace, there’s some things you should know -- like all the fantastic benefits!

Here are 4 benefits of having a massage therapist in the workplace:

  1. Improved productivity. There have been a multitude of studies that show massage helps improve brain function and focus. By offering easy access to massage -- right in the office -- employees can enjoy the benefits in a timely fashion. The organization then benefits from happy, healthy, focused employees that perform better.
  2. Higher workplace morale. Stress can take its toll on even the most employee-focused organizations. Massage in the office provides an outlet for employees to relax and regain energy for their day. The end result is an overall more relaxed place to work.
  3. Healthier employees. Among massage’s list of benefits are reduced stress, pain relief, headache relief, improved flexibility, decreased anxiety, and ease of depression. Healthier employees perform better, take less sick time, and report better job satisfaction. One Canadian company experienced a 25% decrease in work-related injuries and saved $200K in compensation claims after implementing a regular workplace massage program.
  4. Reduced turnover. Companies that provided extra perks and benefits are able to reduce employee turnover. In one study from Careerbuilder, 58% of respondents claimed offering better benefits was the best way to boost employee retention. Respondents listed “massage” as one of the top 10 perks a company could use to make them stay.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of massage in your workplace, please feel free to contact me. I offer both traditional massage table massages and chair massage services at a competitive rate. Let me make your business better!

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